I don’t know what I’m doing

Alright, let’s get this out of the way right now, I DO NOT know what I’m doing.   I am a 50 year old woman ( ok, I’ll be 51 in a few weeks ), and I am newly retired from the United States Postal Service.  Technically, I resigned, because I’m not old enough to retire, but I did put in 21 1/2 years “full time”  27 years total.  Soooo, I had to quit and in a few years I will be able to collect my retirement annuity, but whatever.  I am a happy camper now.

Stay at home mom/wife is what I ❤️.  I’m able to create all day, if I don’t get sidetracked by tv, husband, house cleaning, LAUNDRY,  and having to think about making dinner.

I  begin my day, attempting to get my 16 year old daughter out of bed and to school without being tardy.  Lots of fun there, grumpy teenage girl, school traffic, uh HELLO road rage.  Ok, not that bad anymore, now that I don’t have to go to work.  But Geez, what a bunch of royal brats why can’t they ride the bus.  My child included. 

I really should eat something healthy when I get home, not the 4 cups of strong coffee, bagels, English muffins that I consume.  Sometimes, I do make a fruit smoothie.  My recipe, 2 bananas,  big spoonful of wild blueberries, kiwi, coconut water, hemp and chia seeds, maybe frozen mangos, depends on how crazy I feel.  Freshly juiced celery is another must if I am feeling guilty.  TIP-“ It really isn’t bad, add coconut water and drink it like a shot “ 

If I am feeling really productive, I will start laundry, unload the dishwasher, more coffee and I’ll wander into my studio.

By the way, my Studio is my son’s  old bedroom.   He moved out a few years ago and I made it into  my Art Studio.  I covet my daughter’ s room, so much bigger but she won’t trade with me.  I will have to wait for the move to college and then take over.  Yes, Yes, she’ll  still have a room when she comes home for visits, and summer, but it will be the much smaller one.  We don’t want her to be to comfortable and wanna stay forever.  I love my kids, but I can do it from separate dewellings now.  Let’s face it,  GIRLS are the hardest to raise.  I know this for sure cuz I have 2, and I was one a few years ago.  My poor Dad, he’s the best❤️

Ive drank 3 maybe 4 cups of coffee and I need to get my act together.   It’s Sunday and I need to get things accomplished.  Not sure how I did it all, when I was mail lady.  Thanks for letting me share, will continue tomorrow. Excuse the misspellings, but ya get it.

Xoxo.  Deanna

Road trip to NY