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Art Supplies I Love

I am relatively new to the art world. I think it was 2017 when I seriously started to doodle. I’ve always loved to color, and look and dream of art supplies. So, I began to amass my dream supplies, some of this, some of that. I began to watch YouTube videos, not exactly sure what my jam was.

Spare bedroom=first studio

I had a problem, I was buying everything……watercolors, soft pastels, oil pastels, acrylic paints, oil paints, markers, colored pencils, watercolor pencils, books, sketch books, mix media books, and canvases. I kept coming back to acrylic paints on canvas and in journals. I loved the feeling of paint, gliding across the canvas with a brush or my fingers. It was so natural, even when there was no rhyme or reason for what I was laying down. The rainbow of colors.🌈🌈 I could never do a little limited color palette, I’ve tried, but I look over and there’s that tube of paint waving at me “pick me, pick me”.


Okay, so acrylic paints and oil pastels are my all time favs. If I had unlimited funds, I would splurge on Sennelier oil pastels, and Caran d’ache Neopastels. I feel like a kid again, it’s coloring for adults. I use different acrylic brands, but I do have a nice supply of Liquitex, Golden fluids, and SoHo urbans. I like putting gesso on Bristol paper, or in a journal and seeing where the paint takes me, and using the pastels to tweak it, at the end.

I’m not saying I don’t use other mediums, colored pencils and fine liners are next to my bed for nighttime coloring. Neocolors II, Mermaid markers, and pencils sit on my coffee table for a spur of the moment doodle. Pencils, white gelly roll, and a small sketch book are always in the car, just in case I have to sit in traffic. (I barely go anywhere) but just in case. Always be prepared👩‍🎨. Xo. Deanna

“Life is about using the whole box of crayons”🖍🖍

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It’s Here and Finished!!!!

Well, the she shed/art studio showed up way earlier then we thought, which isn’t a bad thing. Oh what a glorious day that was, the big truck pulled up with 3 sheds on it, mine was the first to be delivered. It was a beautiful site. All shiny and new, it didn’t take the young man long to place it exactly where we wanted it, right up against the pool deck, overlooking the pool.

She looks tiny.
Look at those doors

I have planned, dreamed, and created Pinterest boards, on exactly what I wanted. Of course it was much smaller in person then in my dream world, but that’s ok, because I can make this work. My hubby “J” and I began the inside work, it was a empty shell. Decisions were made, and changed, and changed again, and again.

At first, I thought I wanted to finish it with found items, from the Restore or thrift store. I was thinking of “keeping the cost down”, but J was adamant about doing it right and the way I really wanted. Thankfully, J was able to do the electrical work. I made the decision on where the outlets would be, how many, type of lighting. I had an outlet placed high on one end, in case I wanted a TV mounted to wall. (I love YouTube). No TV as of yet. We insulated and put a subfloor down.

That’s Lucy checking out her new home away from home.

I convinced J, to install white shiplap for the walls, instead of drywall with paint. We painted it bright white. It was a little more $ but well worth it. We also used natural pine shiplap for the ceiling. Oh my gosh, it is beautiful. Now, mind you, I not only helped plan, but actually installed along side my hubby. We work well together (Thank God). I learned to use a tape measure, air nailer gun thingy. Flooring was a laminated lock in place, from Lowe’s. Wide white trim around windows, floor, and doors. Did I forget to mention my huge French doors, that open up to the pool. I can’t wait for summer.

Lol, it wasn’t empty for long.

We worked every weekend in December, into January. My birthday was approaching Jan 8, and I thought I would be moving in, but not yet, a few more things to be done. Jan 10th move in day and many days after. Did I mention I had a lot of stuff…a lot. Our garage was the staging area, after we brought things from the storage unit (still not cleaned out yet 2/6). But I can now say it is DONE, FINISHED and it’s beautiful and fabulous. I’ve tweaked a few things, moved furniture around, added, subtracted, reorganized and I’m sure I will keep tweaking. I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!

Painting area
Chill area

I still can’t believe I have my very own place to create. Why me, I ask? But I think at age 53, 3 kids raised, retired from the Post Office after 28 years, I think I deserve it. Life is short, don’t waste it. Make vision boards, dream boards, say it out load, BELIEVE in yourself. Women deserve a sacred space to call their own, we have sacrificed, space in our beds, the last cookie, hot dinners, bathroom breaks alone, a hot soak in the tub, quiet vacations, 8 hours of solid sleep, what we want to watch on TV, the pink couch we really want in the living room. It’s ok we did all that out of love and I don’t resent any of it, but damn I’m happy to be 53 and living the dream.

XO Deanna

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”

Pablo Picasso

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Positive Attitude

I really try to have a positive attitude, regarding my Art, but sometimes doubt creeps in. I feel like a child playing in a grownup world. I want to be a artist, and if saying your an artist is the way to that goal, I guess I’m on the right track.

I try to paint everyday…. sometimes its just putting paint on paper, or in a journal. I feel like I’m spinning my wheels in the mud and not getting anywhere. Maybe, my painting is crap. I’m not sure how to go about artsy things, I’ve had no formal training, its just a hodge lodge of learning thru Youtube, and reading articles and books. I post pics on Instagram, but I might get 20 likes, barely 300 followers. I feel discouraged, a fake, a wannabe, sad, and at times mad that friends won’t just hit the like button… don’t have buy anything, just show some support. Maybe one of your friends, connections will be interested. Help a sister out! I always hit like for people who have fewer then 100 likes, even if its not my cup of tea, but I know you’re trying and grinding and perhaps feel the same way I do….discouraged.

I would post on Facebook, create events, barely any interest. I wanted to open my studio up for others to throw paint around without spending lots of money. I had ideas of a fab studio, with people just coming in and trying their hand with different art materials. No pressure, no expectations just the feeling of being a free spirit. I created a vision board, and things seemed to move a little, but maybe I just wasn’t confident enough or I hadn’t tapped into the right market. So, I have changed course, “plot change”. I will just paint for myself and if I sell a piece or two, or all then I’ll be happy. I will invite people into my studio, but that won’t be my main focus anymore.

I will stay positive and encourage others to be theirselves, do what you love, wear your hair the way you want to. (I cut mine off). Be free, be at peace, be kind, and create.



“The practice of Art isn’t to make a living. It’s to make your soul grow”

Kurt Vonnegut
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I moved out of the Brooklets building

Well…. the decision was finally made to move me and studio back home. That’s not a bad thing, I guess you could say I’ve come full circle. I left my little nest (home studio), for a small studio in a old creaky building, and I loved it. I painted, danced, and hosted painting events in that lil room, but I had grandiose ideas. Bigger, bigger, BIGGER..have more workshops, more people. Seven months later I moved into another studio, one floor up, and it was fabulous. It was HUGE, 2 large windows, and tons of floor space to dance around with a paintbrush in my hand, I had a little lounge area, with a love seat and chair, what a fantastic place to sit and contemplate life, color, art, and what to cook for dinner. I was in there for 2 months when the ‘Rona hit.

No workshops, no gatherings, I still went and painted every weekend by myself, but I was only able to pop in there on weekends. I watch my granddaughter during the week. I felt I wasn’t getting my money’s worth. I’ve always thought, dreamed, had in the back of my head that I would have a backyard “she shed/art studio”. I’m very much a homebody and I hated leaving my husband. Soooo, we came to the decision to have a shed put in the backyard, but not just an old shed, but a Amish built to match the house (gray siding, black shutters, and a pink door). We wanted a nice size, cuz I have a lot of stuff and I mean ALOT of stuff. 12’x24’ perfect, nope not going to happen. We had to downsize due to town permit issues (uugghhh). 12’x18’ instead. Still a fab size, I will be getting rid of many supplies, just keeping the most loved.

Unfortunately, the shed is not scheduled to arrive til Christmas or later, and then my beloved hubby, has to finish the inside. So, as of right now much of my art supplies are in a storage unit, but I have set up a small paint area in a teeny weeny room above the garage. It’s tight, but I’m able to paint and be able to stay home and that’s what is most important. Stay tuned for art shed updates. XO Deanna

My chill space.
Paint life
Vision Board

“ I paint my own reality.”

Frida Kahlo
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I Did It!!!

I took a leap and I have a studio, that isn’t in my house. Woohoo!!!

After taking over a vacant bedroom, “supposed dining room” and the garage, my hubby was very supportive when I mentioned the studio my long time friend “Stephanie” told me about. She had seen it posted on FB swap and sell (local), very cheap for this area, 325 sq ft. Perfect!!!!

So, early April before Easter, I started moving ALL my stuff, and it was a lot of stuff.

My studio is in a very old, large, vacant looking building, I think it had something to do with the grain silos across the street, but it’s filled with artists, photographers. I’m on the second floor,Thank God for a freight elevator. I love this studio!!! Although, I’m baffled how I was able to fit so much stuff into that vacant bedroom.

Unfortunately, I hit a snag as I was moving in. I was moving stuff every morning, but by the afternoon I was exhausted and running a fever. I thought my body was fighting off some type of bug. I kept moving on, but Thursday night I found myself laying on the bathroom floor, and realized I had another kidney stone. Friday I chilled on the couch, but Saturday morning I had my husband take me to the hospital. I was miserable, lots of blood work, cat scan, they sent me home.

Sunday, mid morning I knew I was getting worse, high fever, chills, vomiting, shakes. My husband took me back to hospital, same ER dr, he says ” I was about to call you, your blood cultures are showing some type of growth”. I was admitted and pumped full of IVs, antibiotics, pain meds, more blood work, another cat scan. I spent a couple days in the hospital.

Needless to say I recovered, but I spent a week on the couch, getting my strength back.

I am finally moved in, and I’m loving it.

Xoxo. Deanna

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I can’t be that dumb

“ I’m going to figure this out”

Paint Time

Ok, maybe I am.  No, I’m really not, maybe just all computer things have me challenged. I have spent my Sunday, it’s been a rainy day, technically not a wasted day, attempting to figure out this blog thing.

How do I add pictures, how do I add words, sentences,  ramblings that make sense.  I could ask my 16 year old to help, but she’s probably busy snap chatting with her one trillion closes friends.  Nope can’t bother her, my husband, nah he wouldn’t know either plus it would take twice as long, cuz he would want to read directions, google answers,  research…..nobody has time for that.   I still have to think about what I’m going to make for dinner so my time is limited.

Why is planning a dinner meal difficult?   Can anyone answer this question that has stumped women, Mother’s, grandmothers, for centuries?    It should be easy in this time of Pinterest, but, nope, no can do,  you either don’t have all the ingredients, or enough time, because you were on Pinterest to long.   So you throw together a quick pot of spaghetti, that is if you have all the ingredients.   I myself, like breakfast for dinner.  My husband is not a big fan but he plays along.  

Back on point,  I’m going to keep on,   I know I will figure this out.  I believe I can!

Xoxo Deanna

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Is it my age?

I am learning, And I always hated school. Computers were a new thing when I was in school many, many, many, YES! Many years ago. The 1980s. Internet? WTH was that?!

My last job, I was a mailman or lady, it depended on my mood. I didn’t have to use a computer, sort mail, deliver said mail. ( it wasn’t actually that easy). I was good at it, really good, there were days I F’up, but it wasn’t like I was putting in a new heart or delivering a baby. It’s a damn Lands end catalog people, if it’s not yours just put it back in the damn box and put the flag up!!! I touched thousands of pieces of mail a day, over 500+ mailboxes, 60+ miles, rain, snow, ice, 100+degree weather ( those mail trucks don’t have AC it is a oven, soooo YES I made mistakes. But I’m human and very few make it thru 90 days at the ole P.O. and I made it 27 years. Yay me!

Sorry, I had to give you lil back ground. So, now I’m trying to be productive with my computer, my mind, my hands. I know how to order from Amazon, ebates ( which by the way is the best thing since sliced bread, no, chocolate, Chocolate is the best). Who doesn’t like getting $$$ back after ordering a shit ton of things.? Sign up and do it quick.

Ok, back to my original rant, I will figure out this whole blog thing, even if nobody wants to read my ramblings. I need a drink and take a wee, stay tuned



My escape room

50 isn’t so bad