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Art Supplies I Love

I am relatively new to the art world. I think it was 2017 when I seriously started to doodle. I’ve always loved to color, and look and dream of art supplies. So, I began to amass my dream supplies, some of this, some of that. I began to watch YouTube videos, not exactly sure what my jam was.

Spare bedroom=first studio

I had a problem, I was buying everything……watercolors, soft pastels, oil pastels, acrylic paints, oil paints, markers, colored pencils, watercolor pencils, books, sketch books, mix media books, and canvases. I kept coming back to acrylic paints on canvas and in journals. I loved the feeling of paint, gliding across the canvas with a brush or my fingers. It was so natural, even when there was no rhyme or reason for what I was laying down. The rainbow of colors.🌈🌈 I could never do a little limited color palette, I’ve tried, but I look over and there’s that tube of paint waving at me “pick me, pick me”.


Okay, so acrylic paints and oil pastels are my all time favs. If I had unlimited funds, I would splurge on Sennelier oil pastels, and Caran d’ache Neopastels. I feel like a kid again, it’s coloring for adults. I use different acrylic brands, but I do have a nice supply of Liquitex, Golden fluids, and SoHo urbans. I like putting gesso on Bristol paper, or in a journal and seeing where the paint takes me, and using the pastels to tweak it, at the end.

I’m not saying I don’t use other mediums, colored pencils and fine liners are next to my bed for nighttime coloring. Neocolors II, Mermaid markers, and pencils sit on my coffee table for a spur of the moment doodle. Pencils, white gelly roll, and a small sketch book are always in the car, just in case I have to sit in traffic. (I barely go anywhere) but just in case. Always be prepared👩‍🎨. Xo. Deanna

“Life is about using the whole box of crayons”🖍🖍


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