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It’s Here and Finished!!!!

Well, the she shed/art studio showed up way earlier then we thought, which isn’t a bad thing. Oh what a glorious day that was, the big truck pulled up with 3 sheds on it, mine was the first to be delivered. It was a beautiful site. All shiny and new, it didn’t take the young man long to place it exactly where we wanted it, right up against the pool deck, overlooking the pool.

She looks tiny.
Look at those doors

I have planned, dreamed, and created Pinterest boards, on exactly what I wanted. Of course it was much smaller in person then in my dream world, but that’s ok, because I can make this work. My hubby “J” and I began the inside work, it was a empty shell. Decisions were made, and changed, and changed again, and again.

At first, I thought I wanted to finish it with found items, from the Restore or thrift store. I was thinking of “keeping the cost down”, but J was adamant about doing it right and the way I really wanted. Thankfully, J was able to do the electrical work. I made the decision on where the outlets would be, how many, type of lighting. I had an outlet placed high on one end, in case I wanted a TV mounted to wall. (I love YouTube). No TV as of yet. We insulated and put a subfloor down.

That’s Lucy checking out her new home away from home.

I convinced J, to install white shiplap for the walls, instead of drywall with paint. We painted it bright white. It was a little more $ but well worth it. We also used natural pine shiplap for the ceiling. Oh my gosh, it is beautiful. Now, mind you, I not only helped plan, but actually installed along side my hubby. We work well together (Thank God). I learned to use a tape measure, air nailer gun thingy. Flooring was a laminated lock in place, from Lowe’s. Wide white trim around windows, floor, and doors. Did I forget to mention my huge French doors, that open up to the pool. I can’t wait for summer.

Lol, it wasn’t empty for long.

We worked every weekend in December, into January. My birthday was approaching Jan 8, and I thought I would be moving in, but not yet, a few more things to be done. Jan 10th move in day and many days after. Did I mention I had a lot of stuff…a lot. Our garage was the staging area, after we brought things from the storage unit (still not cleaned out yet 2/6). But I can now say it is DONE, FINISHED and it’s beautiful and fabulous. I’ve tweaked a few things, moved furniture around, added, subtracted, reorganized and I’m sure I will keep tweaking. I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!

Painting area
Chill area

I still can’t believe I have my very own place to create. Why me, I ask? But I think at age 53, 3 kids raised, retired from the Post Office after 28 years, I think I deserve it. Life is short, don’t waste it. Make vision boards, dream boards, say it out load, BELIEVE in yourself. Women deserve a sacred space to call their own, we have sacrificed, space in our beds, the last cookie, hot dinners, bathroom breaks alone, a hot soak in the tub, quiet vacations, 8 hours of solid sleep, what we want to watch on TV, the pink couch we really want in the living room. It’s ok we did all that out of love and I don’t resent any of it, but damn I’m happy to be 53 and living the dream.

XO Deanna

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”

Pablo Picasso

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