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Positive Attitude

I really try to have a positive attitude, regarding my Art, but sometimes doubt creeps in. I feel like a child playing in a grownup world. I want to be a artist, and if saying your an artist is the way to that goal, I guess I’m on the right track.

I try to paint everyday…. sometimes its just putting paint on paper, or in a journal. I feel like I’m spinning my wheels in the mud and not getting anywhere. Maybe, my painting is crap. I’m not sure how to go about artsy things, I’ve had no formal training, its just a hodge lodge of learning thru Youtube, and reading articles and books. I post pics on Instagram, but I might get 20 likes, barely 300 followers. I feel discouraged, a fake, a wannabe, sad, and at times mad that friends won’t just hit the like button… don’t have buy anything, just show some support. Maybe one of your friends, connections will be interested. Help a sister out! I always hit like for people who have fewer then 100 likes, even if its not my cup of tea, but I know you’re trying and grinding and perhaps feel the same way I do….discouraged.

I would post on Facebook, create events, barely any interest. I wanted to open my studio up for others to throw paint around without spending lots of money. I had ideas of a fab studio, with people just coming in and trying their hand with different art materials. No pressure, no expectations just the feeling of being a free spirit. I created a vision board, and things seemed to move a little, but maybe I just wasn’t confident enough or I hadn’t tapped into the right market. So, I have changed course, “plot change”. I will just paint for myself and if I sell a piece or two, or all then I’ll be happy. I will invite people into my studio, but that won’t be my main focus anymore.

I will stay positive and encourage others to be theirselves, do what you love, wear your hair the way you want to. (I cut mine off). Be free, be at peace, be kind, and create.



“The practice of Art isn’t to make a living. It’s to make your soul grow”

Kurt Vonnegut

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