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I moved out of the Brooklets building

Well…. the decision was finally made to move me and studio back home. That’s not a bad thing, I guess you could say I’ve come full circle. I left my little nest (home studio), for a small studio in a old creaky building, and I loved it. I painted, danced, and hosted painting events in that lil room, but I had grandiose ideas. Bigger, bigger, BIGGER..have more workshops, more people. Seven months later I moved into another studio, one floor up, and it was fabulous. It was HUGE, 2 large windows, and tons of floor space to dance around with a paintbrush in my hand, I had a little lounge area, with a love seat and chair, what a fantastic place to sit and contemplate life, color, art, and what to cook for dinner. I was in there for 2 months when the ‘Rona hit.

No workshops, no gatherings, I still went and painted every weekend by myself, but I was only able to pop in there on weekends. I watch my granddaughter during the week. I felt I wasn’t getting my money’s worth. I’ve always thought, dreamed, had in the back of my head that I would have a backyard “she shed/art studio”. I’m very much a homebody and I hated leaving my husband. Soooo, we came to the decision to have a shed put in the backyard, but not just an old shed, but a Amish built to match the house (gray siding, black shutters, and a pink door). We wanted a nice size, cuz I have a lot of stuff and I mean ALOT of stuff. 12’x24’ perfect, nope not going to happen. We had to downsize due to town permit issues (uugghhh). 12’x18’ instead. Still a fab size, I will be getting rid of many supplies, just keeping the most loved.

Unfortunately, the shed is not scheduled to arrive til Christmas or later, and then my beloved hubby, has to finish the inside. So, as of right now much of my art supplies are in a storage unit, but I have set up a small paint area in a teeny weeny room above the garage. It’s tight, but I’m able to paint and be able to stay home and that’s what is most important. Stay tuned for art shed updates. XO Deanna

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“ I paint my own reality.”

Frida Kahlo

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