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I Did It!!!

I took a leap and I have a studio, that isn’t in my house. Woohoo!!!

After taking over a vacant bedroom, “supposed dining room” and the garage, my hubby was very supportive when I mentioned the studio my long time friend “Stephanie” told me about. She had seen it posted on FB swap and sell (local), very cheap for this area, 325 sq ft. Perfect!!!!

So, early April before Easter, I started moving ALL my stuff, and it was a lot of stuff.

My studio is in a very old, large, vacant looking building, I think it had something to do with the grain silos across the street, but it’s filled with artists, photographers. I’m on the second floor,Thank God for a freight elevator. I love this studio!!! Although, I’m baffled how I was able to fit so much stuff into that vacant bedroom.

Unfortunately, I hit a snag as I was moving in. I was moving stuff every morning, but by the afternoon I was exhausted and running a fever. I thought my body was fighting off some type of bug. I kept moving on, but Thursday night I found myself laying on the bathroom floor, and realized I had another kidney stone. Friday I chilled on the couch, but Saturday morning I had my husband take me to the hospital. I was miserable, lots of blood work, cat scan, they sent me home.

Sunday, mid morning I knew I was getting worse, high fever, chills, vomiting, shakes. My husband took me back to hospital, same ER dr, he says ” I was about to call you, your blood cultures are showing some type of growth”. I was admitted and pumped full of IVs, antibiotics, pain meds, more blood work, another cat scan. I spent a couple days in the hospital.

Needless to say I recovered, but I spent a week on the couch, getting my strength back.

I am finally moved in, and I’m loving it.

Xoxo. Deanna

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