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I can’t be that dumb

“ I’m going to figure this out”

Paint Time

Ok, maybe I am.  No, I’m really not, maybe just all computer things have me challenged. I have spent my Sunday, it’s been a rainy day, technically not a wasted day, attempting to figure out this blog thing.

How do I add pictures, how do I add words, sentences,  ramblings that make sense.  I could ask my 16 year old to help, but she’s probably busy snap chatting with her one trillion closes friends.  Nope can’t bother her, my husband, nah he wouldn’t know either plus it would take twice as long, cuz he would want to read directions, google answers,  research…..nobody has time for that.   I still have to think about what I’m going to make for dinner so my time is limited.

Why is planning a dinner meal difficult?   Can anyone answer this question that has stumped women, Mother’s, grandmothers, for centuries?    It should be easy in this time of Pinterest, but, nope, no can do,  you either don’t have all the ingredients, or enough time, because you were on Pinterest to long.   So you throw together a quick pot of spaghetti, that is if you have all the ingredients.   I myself, like breakfast for dinner.  My husband is not a big fan but he plays along.  

Back on point,  I’m going to keep on,   I know I will figure this out.  I believe I can!

Xoxo Deanna

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