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Is it my age?

I am learning, And I always hated school. Computers were a new thing when I was in school many, many, many, YES! Many years ago. The 1980s. Internet? WTH was that?!

My last job, I was a mailman or lady, it depended on my mood. I didn’t have to use a computer, sort mail, deliver said mail. ( it wasn’t actually that easy). I was good at it, really good, there were days I F’up, but it wasn’t like I was putting in a new heart or delivering a baby. It’s a damn Lands end catalog people, if it’s not yours just put it back in the damn box and put the flag up!!! I touched thousands of pieces of mail a day, over 500+ mailboxes, 60+ miles, rain, snow, ice, 100+degree weather ( those mail trucks don’t have AC it is a oven, soooo YES I made mistakes. But I’m human and very few make it thru 90 days at the ole P.O. and I made it 27 years. Yay me!

Sorry, I had to give you lil back ground. So, now I’m trying to be productive with my computer, my mind, my hands. I know how to order from Amazon, ebates ( which by the way is the best thing since sliced bread, no, chocolate, Chocolate is the best). Who doesn’t like getting $$$ back after ordering a shit ton of things.? Sign up and do it quick.

Ok, back to my original rant, I will figure out this whole blog thing, even if nobody wants to read my ramblings. I need a drink and take a wee, stay tuned



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